Sunday, April 10, 2005


Affirmations are a powerful tool in any goal-oriented individuals arsenal. The problem with affirmations is that many of today’s self-improvement guru’s are teaching them wrong.

Practiced correctly, affirmations can change or create habits in a very short period of time. Recent experiments concluded that affirmations would take hold and create a new habit in a period of about 21-30 days. For some individuals it could be longer and some shorter. What matters most is that they work, are a very powerful force, but only if done properly.

The problem with affirmations arises when you use I am or I will statements. I will refers to something that may never happen and I am can create a crisis with your conscience.

For example, when a 350-pound man looks in the mirror and says, “I am a lean, healthy 210 pounds because I eat right and exercise everyday,” he is lying to himself. That is a problem even if the non-conscious can’t tell the difference between a truth and a lie, because your conscience and conscious mind can.

A lie, no matter what purpose you intended for it, is still a lie. And a lie is a negative in every aspect. The 350-pound man only hurts himself when he makes an affirmation that he knows is not true. This causes guilt, anger, frustration and if he slips off of a weight loss program, it could be a momentous setback.

The correct way to use affirmations comes from the teaching of Dr. Robert Anthony. In his book, ‘Advanced Formula for Total Success,’ the good doctor states that all affirmations should start with an “I choose” to beginning.

In the example of the 350-pound man, he would now affirm, “I choose to be a lean, healthy 210 pounds because I eat right and exercise everyday.” Do you see and feel the difference. Using I choose instead of I am or I will allows one to stay in a position of power with their affirmations.

I choose is decision power at its best. Using this type of affirmation keeps your conscience clean by not lying to it and your psyche stays healthy because your not projecting an affirmation into an indefinite future like you do with I will statements.

So remember keep saying your affirmations, not just three times a day, but any time you feel like it. You don’t have to say them out loud - especially if you’re in public - that would be a sight to behold. My formula is to repeat an affirmation every hour. Just say it with feeling to yourself and burn that statement into your mind.

In closing, use I choose affirmations and limit them to three at a time. You don’t want to have any more than three at once. That can lead to confusion. Say them with feeling and conviction. Say them constantly and in 20-30 days, you’ll be well on your way to being your affirmation.

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