Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Power of Focus

Self-help guru, Tony Robbins, once said “controlled focus is like a laser beam.”

If a laser didn’t have a specific target to lock onto, its energy would dissipate into the atmosphere. But focus that laser on the target with enough energy and it will pass through solid steel.

Place a magnifying glass in the path of suns rays and you have a powerful force at work. That is pure, concentrated focus at its best. Such is the power of controlled attention and why it’s so important in achieving your goals.

If you are concentrating on a million things at once, there won’t be enough energy to accomplish any task set before you. But, focus on only one thing and you’ll involve your entire force in the completion of the goal.

All the energy an individual can muster, focused on a specific goal, can’t help but make that outcome a reality. Controlled focus, backed by faith, is an incredible power that will bring you any objective you want to achieve.

It’s perfectly fine to have many goals, but you must focus on them one at a time to bring all your power to their achievement. If you spread yourself thin, a goal may be accomplished, but it will take longer and with much more work needed to achieve it. If you focus on each goal, one at a time, then all your concentrated power is unleashed on the objective.

With controlled focus, one by one, all your goals will be completed. Do your tasks in order and don’t be led astray by multi-tasking. Contrary to popular opinion, multi-tasking is not a good thing. Doing too many projects at once leads to stress and a lack of productivity.

Taking things one at a time reduces stress and allows the individual to put all their power to the job at hand. Focus equals higher productivity and more success. A winning combination if there ever was one.

So remember the next time you feel stressed and swamped with work. Use the power of controlled focus. Take on each project one at a time, focus on the completion of each task and watch your productivity and your success soar.

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