Monday, December 18, 2006

The Five Worst Foods to Consume

Leading nutritionists recently got together and a list of the five most damaging foodstuffs for humans.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Sweet carbonated soft drinks. In fact, they are designed to cause thirst instead of quenching it. All of them have huge sugar content; a glass of cola contains an equivalent of five tablespoons of sugar.

2. Potato chips are sheer poison, especially those made of potato puree. The chips are basically a mixture of carbohydrates and fat with some artificial food additives thrown in to enhance flavor.

3. Sweet candy bars. A high content of sugar combined with various food additives makes this high-calorie food pretty addictive.

4. Frankfurters, kielbasa, mortadella, pates and other foodstuffs containing the so-called hidden fat. The foods are disguised as meat yet they are actually made of lard, internal fat and pork skin up to 40% by the weight. A variety of food additives helps do the trick.

5. Meats with high fat content, especially when fried.

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