Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Three Killers of Achievement

If you want to achieve success at any level you must avoid the three killers to all achievement. They are - worry, fear and doubt - the harbingers of disaster. Don't allow any of these dangerous emotions to take up residence in your mind.

The minute you let any or all of the three get a foothold, it can be almost impossible to irradicate them. Problems arise because these negative emotions feed off one another. If you let doubt creep in, fear and worry follow. If you let fear in, worry and doubt bring their baggage as well. It creates a never-ending cycle of gloom and doom.

The three killers stop more people from reaching a goal or even starting one than I care to imagine. There is no failure unless you quit and the terrible trio are the root cause of all quitting. No matter what the endeavor or how large or small the goal, worry, fear and doubt will do the same amount of damage.

To rid them is not an easy process if they have been embedded in your psychology for a long period of time. It is possible to vanquish these devils, but it takes some persistence and a shift in attitude. Here are 4 steps to stop fear, doubt and worry from killing your hopes and dreams.

  1. Keep reading positive articles like this, as well as books, audios and anything else related to success philosophy and self-improvement.
  2. Visualize your goal as it will be when completed and all the positive feelings that it brings. Visualize it often.
  3. Use I choose affirmations to eradicate the three killer emotions. (Example: I choose to be a fearless, confident achiever).
  4. When you feel fear and doubt coming, take action towards your goal immediately. As Emerson said, "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain."

If you follow the above four steps faithfully, the three killers of achievement will never be able to take root and wreck your dreams.

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