Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to Get Anything Your Heart Desires

This will come as a shock to you. Some may have read or heard something similar before and either ignored it, didn't believe or just forgot about it.

Just like all secrets to a successful life are not really secret. It is a fundamental principle of an abundant life and has gone unnoticed, unheeded or forgotten. This principle, coupled with faith and action, is the foundation of having anything your heart desires. Obey it and the keys to open the gates of achievement are yours.

World religions have spoken and taught the value of its practice from generation to generation. Yet, ironically, this timeless wisdom has been unused and discarded by the majority. Some through ignorance, some from lack of understanding and others because of sheer selfishness.

Many success or self-improvement writers have failed to bring this principle out of the darkness and into the light again. So this awesome law of abundance has remained hidden, waiting to be re-discovered.

Enough suspense. What is this amazing principle, this law of abundance that will give you anything you want in life? - as long as it doesn't violate or hurt the rights of others - what is this powerful, all encompassing universal law?

The answer my friend is deceptively simple. It's the law of giving, the principle of sowing and reaping. If you want anything in life in abundance, you must give it away. Do you want more money? Give some to others. Do you want more friends? Become more friendly. Do you want love? Start giving away the love inside you.

If you hoard what you have, the universe will keep its gifts from you. Sowing and reaping - cause and effect. Even if you're not a religious person and have no belief in God, this principle still applies. Look around, open your eyes and see, the law is everywhere working its magic.

Relationships come about when two people decide to share souls with each other. To earn a living you have to deliver a certain service and in turn, your employer gives you money. If you have your own business and can't serve (give) properly, you'll be looking for a j-o-b in no time.

All progress is give and take, sowing and reaping. If people wouldn't invest or give of their time, money and talents, then life as we know it would cease to be. Hoarding and selfishness is against nature. The rain gives of itself and causes the grass, trees and flowers to grow. In turn they give shelter, food and joy to man and animal alike.

It's the reason we have what we have today. Without giving and receiving, man would still be living in caves, afraid and crafting for himself a meaningless existence.

In order to receive the benefits of this timeless principle- just start practicing it. That's all there is to it. Give and you shall receive. It cannot fail to reproduce after its kind. You must be a cheerful giver and a cheerful receiver for it to work magic in your life. If you complain after you give or feel guilty for receiving, you are diminishing its power.

Do you want abundance, love, harmonious relationships, a successful career and all that this world has to offer?

Start giving with joy and faith and watch the amazing things that will happen in your life.

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