Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Nothing great has ever been accomplished without concentration. The ability to focus on a goal until its completion is a main factor in all levels of achievement.

No matter what field - be it business, sports, music or public service - the power of concentration is what separates the difference between the average and the great. No matter what the talent level of the individuals.

Focusing on a goal to its completion is more important than skill level, intelligence or anything else. Concentration can make one rise from lowly beginnings to the heights of Olympas. From outhouse to penthouse the old saying goes, and controlled focus can make that happen.

Controlled concentration takes discipline and in order to develop it, one must pick an objective or goal that will fire the imagination and stir the soul. When the goal is decided upon, then all your energy, mental and physical, needs to be directed to the attainment of the goal.

Look neither left or right, up or down and to the side. The whole force of your being should be looking in one direction - straight ahead. That is the key. Never deviate from the path, concentrate all your efforts towards the goal, and in time the objective will be yours.

Stay focused, keep concentrating. If you do this, all obstacles and circumstances will bow before you. Concentration along with belief and action is a triple-threat combination that can't be defeated.

Concentration shows the path, belief keeps you on course and action brings your desires to you. The more you practice the better you become. Don't be frustrated when you start. Keep on trying and you'll become a master. Apply your power of focus to a worthwhile end and great things will happen in your life.

Thoughts are things and what you think about expands. If you learn to harness your mental energy towards a goal, excluding everything else, you can't help but receiving the desired outcome. It is a mental law that never deviates.

Decide on a goal. Use your powers of concentration to focus on the goal to the exclusion of all else. Finally, take action towards the objective and the world will acquiesce to your mental demands.

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