Thursday, April 21, 2005

What Does the Future Hold?

(Editor's note:This is not the usual success philosophy columns that appear here. I decided to write about an ever increasing problem with many of the youth of today. And while I strongly believe in the individual's ability to grow to high achievement, there is a collective universal conscious that is not always positive. There's a disturbing trend happening in our culture that we must get control of while we still can.)

There's a serious problem that is slowly but surely bringing about the destruction of this once great democracy. Eating us from the inside out and spreading its disease all over the globe.

What is this cancer? It's the moral bankruptcy and Political Correctness philosophy that has infected our culture. Digging its way right into the very fabric of our collective consciousness.

The decent citizens of the good ole USA have let the losers and those with abject stupidity become the majority. And the biggest dilemma in the whole situation is most of these idiots are too thick-headed or intoxicated to realize they're fools. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and locked us in their cells.

How did this happen? When did this happen? More importantly, why did this happen? Good questions all.

The seeds of the current stupidity revolution occurred in the mid-sixties with the flower power movement. The free love fools who chose to ignore basic morality and the teaching of the Bible decided that anything goes.

Whoopee! They shouted running naked through a bunch of hemp. No rules, no responsibility and no accountability. That was their mantra. This was their battle cry. To hell with all authority, values and the good book and down with America. The losers were starting to assert themselves.

The sad part of the whole story is these idiots grew up, or at least thought they did, decided to reproduce and become parents. Can you see where we're going here? Individuals with no moral compass, no restraint and free love philosophy were let loose, subjecting their idiotic, valueless culture to unsuspecting, trusting children.

Imagine that, these losers trying to raise kids through a haze of drugs and bloodshot, glassy eyes. And the real tragedy is that over the years, no one really saw a problem with all of this.

So a generation of children grew up with a morals-restricted compass and no psychological skills to do anything to change it. And that generation begat another generation with even less morals and values - until now we are left with a huge chasm and not enough materials to fill the gaping hole.

With no rules and restrictions, children are left to their own devices in a modern world dominated by PC slogans, sex and violence. Because of the radical left, disciplining or dare I say spanking kids is off limits. Instead, sparing the rod has spoiled the child and parents go out of their way to give them whatever they desire.

We now have a generation worse than X, which only care about themselves and no one else. Whatever they do is right, because they were never told no. This has caused an unnatural selfishness to blossom in the heart of the child. A human life has no value unless it's something this lost generation can use for their benefit.

If a relationship doesn't go the way you want, get a new one. See someone else you like - go ahead - sleep with him or her. Don't want your unborn child, then kill it. Everyone else is doing it, so why not you? It is the age of know-it-alls who know nothing, but don't realize they know nothing. There is no us only me. This is the me-me-me generation. I want, I want and you better give it to me or else.

And let's not forget the old standbys - drugs and alcohol. Instead of disappearing drugs have become an even bigger influence on the youth of today. The chemicals have gotten stronger in an attempt to block out the pain of an unfulfilled life. The sad fact is it's a life that's been unfulfilled because of one's own choices and actions.

Without guidelines to follow or any acceptable value system, the youth have gone wild. Running through the streets with no desire to contribute to society in any way, shape or form. It's all about them, no one else. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, welcome to the age of instant gratification.

Forget reading, study and contemplation. This is the age of Ipod, Xbox, satellite TV and cell phones. Most youngsters have a natural born ADD because of all the stimuli hitting their senses all at once. No reflection, no meditation and no social responsibility.

This is the great paradox. As mankind grows in knowledge, material success and technological skill, we've sunk deeper and deeper in a vat of moral decay.

Yes indeed. Get the Ten Commandments out of the courthouse and God out of the schools, but let's have child pornography all over the internet and graphic violence on television and in the movies. Is it any wonder we're on a slow decent into the abyss?

A nation is in trouble when a spotted owl is protected from harm, but it's okay to destroy a human life by denying them food and water for 13 days. Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but when an owl is considered more important than a human being, there's a serious problem with a nations ethics.

And what will happen in the next 20 years? 30? How about 40? If this generation of twenty-something's have no direction, goals and respect, what will their children or their children's children be like? How terrifying can this world become? If things don't change and soon, I shudder to think what the future holds.

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