Friday, April 15, 2005

The Three Types of People

If one studies human nature long enough, they'll find basically three types of people in the world - leaders, followers and BSers. (I need to keep this a G-rating, but you know what I mean).

Of course we all know the personality profile of the leader. He/she is goal and action oriented, quick to make tough decisions and keeps on going when times get tough. They are the creative people.

Followers have some characteristics of the leader, but for whatever reason, their psychology will not allow them to take the next step to be a true leader. They allow fear and doubt, coupled with a false sense of security, lull them into a half-sleep state where just having a job that pays them on a regular basis is enough.

Most followers will not take the risk to jump out on their own and create the life they want. Some are crippled with the fear of failure syndrome and never venture on the ledge or try to advance up the ladder in the job they do have.

BSers have absolutely none of the attributes of a leader and all of the faults of a bad follower. They use bravado and lies to make themselves look important. Even though they're the most insecure people on the inside.

A favorite hobby of the BSer is to browbeat other people and order them around. BSers are quick to point out the splinter in another's eye, but can't see the huge tree in their own. Their arrogant and boisterous tone is only to hide the years of failure and the little, scared child buried deep within their soul.

You don't even have to be told who a BSer is because they let themselves get spotted right away. Just follow the smell and listen for the bragging and you'll know who it is.

A leader keeps his mouth shut and only speaks when he has something important to say. The BSer can't stop talking about how great he is or all the accomplishments that never happened. They're like Don Quixote charging the windmill over and over again. If they aren't talking about their hallucinatory exploits, they're trying to shove fake business cards in your face.

The follower, depending on their personality, is somewhere in between the leader or the BSer.

As you can tell by now, the worst type you could be is the BSer. A follower can rise into leadership or sink down to the BSer - it's all in their decisions. The world needs leaders and followers because without either, the economy would go up in smoke. The follower tag is not a bad thing unless the traits of the BSer start to seep through.

The BSer is totally useless to society and even worse, they're annoying. So take my advice, be a leader or a good follower and you'll live a happy life. And if a BSer crosses your path, run like hell to the nearest exit.

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