Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Success Bibliography

Applied knowledge is power. It's a statement I live and work by. Knowledge alone is insufficient unless one adapts it to their specific situation and applies what they've learned.

If you want to become a carpenter, mechanic, architect or anything for that matter, you must gain the knowledge and skill sets required for the particular subject of interest. The same is true with success philosophy and self-improvement.

If you want to better your life and create the reality you desire, knowledge of how to do that is a must. One of the best ways to accomplish the task is through books. Sadly, we are becoming a nation that reads less and less every day. That is a shame.

Reading is a fundamental key to achieving the life of your desires. There is so much timeless wisdom that has been passed through the ages, it's a tragedy that many choose to miss out on knowledge that could have a profound effect on their lives.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of some of the best material ever written in the field of self-help, self-improvement, success philosophy or whatever anyone wants to call it. This is mainly directed at someone who is beginning the success journey, but many who have read these works before might use them as a refresher to keep motivated and on course.

These are just some of the ones that have had a profound influence on me. They are by no means a complete and exhaustive effort. As a matter of fact, if there is a particular work you feel should be on this list, drop me a line and I will update it from time to time.

In no particular order of importance, here are some works on success seeking that everyone should check out:

  1. Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  2. As a Man Thinketh - James Allen
  3. Pushing to the Front - Orison Swett Marden
  4. The Science of Success - Wallace Wattles
  5. TNT, the Power Within - Claude Bristol
  6. Message From a Master - John McDonald
  7. The Power of Your Subconcious Mind - Joseph Murphy
  8. It Works - RH Jarrett (booklet)
  9. The Book of Mind Management - Dennis Deaton
  10. The New Brain - Richard Restak
  11. The Power of Intention - Wayne Dyer
  12. The Street Kids Guide to Having It All - John Assaraf
  13. Th 10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace - Wayne Dyer
  14. Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot - Richard Restak
  15. The Holy Bible

As I stated earlier, these works are by no means definite. But this is a good starting point and if you absorb and apply this knowledge, success will be ever closer within your reach.

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