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The Path of Prosperity: Chaper Four Continued

(This month we here at Successful Living are focusing on some of the great self development books of the past. Now we focus on James Allen and his classic Path of Prosperity. We will have a chapter posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the complete book is posted).

To persist in such a state of mind would be fatal, for when anxiety steps in, correct
judgment passes out. Now if you will take advantage of a quiet hour or two in the
early morning or at night, and go away to some solitary spot, or to some room in
your house where you know you will be absolutely free from intrusion, and, having
seated yourself in an easy attitude, you forcibly direct your mind right away
from the object of anxiety by dwelling upon something in your life that is pleasing
and blissgiving, a calm, reposeful strength will gradually steal into your mind,
and your anxiety will pass away.

Upon the instant that you find your mind reverting to the lower plane of worry
bring it back again, and re-establish it on the plane of peace and strength.
When this is fully accomplished, you may then concentrate your whole mind upon
the solution of your difficulty, and what was intricate and insurmountable to you
in your hour of anxiety will be made plain and easy, and you will see, with that
clear vision and perfect judgment which belong only to a calm and untroubled
mind, the right course to pursue and the proper end to be brought about.

It may be that you will have to try day after day before you will be able to perfectly calm your mind, but if you persevere you will certainly accomplish it. And the course which is presented to you in that hour of calmness must be carried out.

Doubtless when you are again involved in the business of the day, and worries
again creep in and begin to dominate you, you will begin to think that the course
is a wrong or foolish one, but do not heed such suggestions.

Be guided absolutely and entirely by the vision of calmness, and not by the shadows
of anxiety. The hour of calmness is the hour of illumination and correct judgment.
By such a course of mental discipline the scattered thought-forces are re-united,
and directed, like the rays of the search-light, upon the problem at issue, with the
result that it gives way before them.

There is no difficulty, however great, but will yield before a calm and powerful
concentration of thought, and no legitimate object but may be speedily actualized
by the intelligent use and direction of one's soul-forces.

Not until you have gone deeply and searchingly into your inner nature, and have
overcome many enemies that lurk there, can you have any approximate conception
of the subtle power of thought, of its inseparable relation to outward and material things, or of its magical potency, when rightly poised and directed, in
readjusting and transforming the life-conditions.

Every thought you think is a force sent out, and in accordance with its nature and
intensity will it go out to seek a lodgment in minds receptive to it, and will react
upon yourself for good or evil. There is ceaseless reciprocity between mind and
mind, and a continual interchange of thought-forces.

Selfish and disturbing thoughts are so many malignant and destructive forces,
messengers of evil, sent out to stimulate and augment the evil in other minds,
which in turn send them back upon you with added power.

While thoughts that are calm, pure, and unselfish are so many angelic messengers
sent out into the world with health, healing, and blessedness upon their wings,
counteracting the evil forces; pouring the oil of joy upon the troubled waters of
anxiety and sorrow, and restoring to broken hearts their heritage of immortality.

Think good thoughts, and they will quickly become actualized in your outward
life in the form of good conditions. Control your soul-forces, and you will be able
to shape your outward life as you will.

The difference between a savior and a sinner is this, that the one has a perfect
control of all the forces within him; the other is dominated and controlled by

There is absolutely no other way to true power and abiding peace, but by self-control, self-government, self-purification. To be at the mercy of your disposition is to be impotent, unhappy, and of little real use in the world.

The conquest of your petty likes and dislikes, your capricious loves and hates,
your fits of anger, suspicion, jealousy, and all the changing moods to which you
are more or less helplessly subject, this is the task you have before you if you
would weave into the web of life the golden threads of happiness and prosperity.

In so far as you are enslaved by the changing moods within you, will you need to
depend upon others and upon outward aids as you walk through life.

If you would walk firmly and securely, and would accomplish any achievement,
you must learn to rise above and control all such disturbing and retarding vibrations.

You must daily practice the habit of putting your mind at rest, "going into the silence," as it is commonly called. This is a method of replacing a troubled thought
with one of peace, a thought of weakness with one of strength.

Until you succeed in doing this you cannot hope to direct your mental forces upon
the problems and pursuits of life with any appreciable measure of success. It is a
process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel.

Just as a useless marsh may be converted into a field of golden corn or a fruitful
garden by draining and directing the scattered and harmful streams into one wellcut
channel, so, he who acquires calmness, and subdues and directs the thoughtcurrents
within himself, saves his soul, and fructifies his heart and life.

As you succeed in gaining mastery over your impulses and thoughts you will begin
to feel, growing up within you, a new and silent power, and a settled feeling of
composure and strength will remain with you.

Your latent powers will begin to unfold themselves, and whereas formerly your
efforts were weak and ineffectual, you will now be able to work with that calm
confidence which commands success.

And along with this new power and strength, there will be awakened within you
that interior Illumination known as "intuition," and you will walk no longer in
darkness and speculation, but in light and certainty.

With the development of this soul-vision, judgment and mental penetration will
be incalculably increased, and there will evolve within you that prophetic vision
by the aid of which you will be able to sense coming events, and to forecast, with
remarkable accuracy, the result of your efforts.

And in just the measure that you alter from within will your outlook upon life
alter; and as you alter your mental attitude towards others they will alter in their
attitude and conduct toward you.

As you rise above the lower, debilitating, and destructive thought-forces, you will
come in contact with the positive, strengthening, and up-building currents generated
by strong, pure, and noble minds, your happiness will be immeasurably intensified, and you will begin to realize the joy, strength, and power, which are born only of self-mastery.

And this joy, strength, and power will be continually radiating from you, and
without any effort on your part, nay, though you are utterly unconscious of it, strong people will be drawn toward you, influence will be put into your hands,
and in accordance with your altered thought-world will outward events shape

"A man's foes are they of his own household," and he who would be useful, strong,
and happy, must cease to be a passive receptacle for the negative, beggardly, and
impure streams of thought; and as a wise householder commands his servants and invites his guests, so must he learn to command his desires, and to say, with
authority, what thoughts he shall admit into the mansion of his soul.

Even a very partial success in self-mastery adds greatly to one's power, and he
who succeeds in perfecting this divine accomplishment, enters into possession of
undreamed-of wisdom and inward strength and peace, and realizes that all the
forces of the universe aid and protect his footsteps who is master of his soul.

Would you scale the highest heaven,
Would you pierce the lowest hell,
Live in dreams of constant beauty,
Or in basest thinkings dwell.

For your thoughts are heaven above you,
And your thoughts are hell below,
Bliss is not, except in thinking,
Torment nought but thought can know.

Worlds would vanish but for thinking;
Glory is not but in dreams;
And the Drama of the ages
From the Thought Eternal streams.

Dignity and shame and sorrow,
Pain and anguish, love and hate
Are but maskings of the mighty
Pulsing Thought that governs Fate.

As the colors of the rainbow
Makes the one uncolored beam,
So the universal changes
Make the One Eternal Dream.

And the Dream is all within you,
And the Dreamer waiteth long
For the Morning to awake him
To the living thought and strong.

That shall make the ideal real,
Make to vanish dreams of hell
In the highest, holiest heaven
Where the pure and perfect dwell.

Evil is the thought that thinks it;
Good, the thought that makes it so
Light and darkness, sin and pureness
Likewise out of thinking grow.

Dwell in thought upon the Grandest,
And the Grandest you shall see ;
Fix your mind upon the Highest,
And the Highest you shall be.

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