Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How Do You Start Your Day?

This is one of the most important questions you can answer that will have a dramatic improvement in your life.

Do you get up moaning, grumbling and complaining about what lies ahead or do you jump out of bed excited, invigorated, refreshed and ready to tackle your day head on?

The difference in how you start your day off is a major factor between living a life of fulfillment and one of missed opportunity and failure.

The time you first awaken in the morning is the most important of the day. The mind is still in a stage of semi-sleep, the part that drifts from the subconscious dream state to the fully alert stage.

This is the best time to program the brain.

When you first arise, visualize your day going perfectly. See yourself accomplishing all your tasks in a positive, happy manner. You can add a special affirmation, (make up your own it's more powerful that way), to make your visualization even more effective. You can even use the affirmations if you have trouble visualizing.

After your morning conditioning, go about your day in a deliberate, positive frame of mind and watch what happens to the rest of your day.

Nine times out of ten, your day will go as you visualized, and you will be much more productive, focused and successful. There will be days when things don't work out like you visualized, just stay positive and remember that bad days do happen. Just keep doing the morning programming and it will bring profound results to your life.

Don't believe me? You have nothing to lose by trying. Just do the morning ritual religiously for 30 days and see if your life changes for the better. I know from experience it will.

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