Sunday, April 10, 2005

Neuroscience and Success

The recent discoveries in neuroscience, the study of the human brain, has really, really opened up truths that have helped the success philosophy camp. And that’s the way that most disciplines of science are. One discovery in a branch leads to truths in another branch.

There has been three huge discoveries in neuroscience that have gone a long way to proving that old-time success writers like Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles and Dale Carnegie were right on the money.

They not only have set the field of brain science on its ear, but the self-improvement community as well. Without further adieu, here are the three big scientific breakthrough and their implications on success philosophy.

1. Brain Plasticity – Scientists have proven that the brain continues to make an unlimited number of neuron connections throughout and individual’s lifetime. What this means to you and me is that we can continue to learn new things each and every day. There are no more excuses.

2. The Non-Conscious Mind – The brain thinks in six different areas or levels at once with 5/6th of it being the non-conscious or subconscious portion, while only 1/6th is our waking conscious mind. The implications of this discovery is our ability to train the 83% of our brain with visualization and affirmation to reach our goals.

3. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) – The RAS is a part of our brain that filters different stimuli to the conscious and the non-conscious areas of the brain. A perfect example of the RAS in action comes from Doug Bench, who has a great website at Imagine buying a metallic green Chevy Cavalier and then after purchase, you see everyone is driving metallic green Cavaliers when you never saw them before. Why? Because now it’s important to you, so the RAS alerts you automatically when the car is near. Motivation automation at its best.

Using these new discoveries we can increase our mental powers to propel us onward and upward to the life we have imagined. Programming the non-conscious and giving the RAS its orders through constant focus, along with the ability of our brain’s to learn any subject, the potential for any human being is unbelievable.

Neuroscience has discovered for a fact what some of the great success philosophy writers and thinkers of the past knew – we can create the life we have imagined - if only we apply the scientific principles of success that are now known to be true.

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