Thursday, May 25, 2006

Impatience Can Kill Your Desires

We have a problem in America and throughout the world when it comes to achieving our desires. That problem is lack of patience. Wanting things now, this instant, immediately, gimme, gimme, gimme!

Sorry, I got a little carried away. The fact is the world is suffering from long-term ADD. This is the age of instant gratification. Ipods, personal computers, PDA, video games, the internet and 300-channel satellite TV are flooding people with too much information.

Many can't focus on one thing at a time because pop culture and information today unfold at breathtaking speed. You can't catch a break or have time to breathe - so your brain is on auto-pilot - pulling in all this sensory information.

Yes the information age is amazing, but we also have to learn to slow down and enjoy our time here on the big blue marble called Earth. One thing I can 100 percent guarantee is you won't be getting out of this place alive. Individually, we must learn to take it easy, turn off the TV and computer once in a while and just relax and let go.

As for as goal-setting and achievement goes, this is now a culture that wants bigger and better. Nothing wrong with that. We are all capable of achieving anything we want. Provided we follow the rules and principles of attainment.

The problem arises when you join the desire to attain with impatience. Success is meant to be an enjoyable process. Slow and steady to the goal is much better than get me there in a second.

Patience really is a virtue and things, including whatever you define as success, come in their own time and in their own season. Just like the good book and the Byrds reiterated so well.

Impatience causes undue stress and strain, anxiety and all different forms of mental and emotional torture. It causes some to take short cuts and cheat to get ahead and we all know that only leads to defeat in the long run.

Patience causes one to plan purposefully, act efficiently and eliminate potential roadblocks on the road to success. A patient person knows that no matter what, the goal will be achieved. So there's no reason to act rash and do stupid things that would jeopardize the attainment of the goal. A patient person will not make mistakes that need correcting later on. A patient person does it right the first time.

Stay focused, remain poised and calm. Combine patience with persistent determination and that will lead you to take appropriate action and bring you ever closer to your goals.

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