Monday, August 07, 2006

Create Your Future Right Now

The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don't is planning and action.

Success is a science, just like biology, chemistry or geology. And just like the natural sciences there are laws that lead to the attainment of goals. Follow them, implement them, take action and success is assured. Success is predictable. It is not based on luck or chance.

The way to success, whatever that means to you, is threefold in nature - set goals, make a plan to achieve them and take action to make them reality. Personal or financial success begins with objectives (goals). You must know what you want in order to achieve it.

Your dreams are the destinations you want to reach, your goals are the signs on the pathway to achievement. Planning is the connective tissue between your dreams, your goals and the reality of accomplishment.

So the first step on the way to creating your ideal future right now is to set goals. Once you've determined what you want the things that you want have a way of finding you. Your power to achieve is based on being clear about what you want in life. If you ask for little, you get it. If you ask for the world, it's yours. As the good book says, "whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and nothing shall be impossible for you."

The best way to go about finding what you want is to play a little game of fantasy. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Imagine in your mind you had all the money, time and ability to accomplish whatever it is that you want. What would it be? When you come up with the answers, which you will if you seriously try this, get out a piece of paper and start writing them down until you run out of ideas. Whatever list you have, sort them in order of importance and you have your goal list. All goals must be put to paper.

Your goals should be written down like this:

1. Goals need to be specific and measurable - how much money? What color and make of car? And so on and so on.

2. Be in the present, positive tense, stating results not wishes- write down what the goal looks and feels like after it's accomplished. Example: instead of writing I will own a Mercedes Benz S-Class automobile, write I drive a Mercedes Benz S-Class car.

After your goals are written down, next you must focus on them with laser-like concentration. Your goals must become the major focus of your life if you want to attain them. Focusing on your goals leads to the development of plans by the subconscious to achieve those goals.

When the plans come, which they will if your goals are clearly the main focus of your life, take action on them immediately and eventually all your goals will bear fruit. By forming a clear mental picture of what you want and never letting go of that picture - you'll always find a way to accomplish your objectives.

Nothing happens overnight, that is not nature's way. You must commit yourself to your goals and plans and stay persistent. Remember, the larger and grander the goal, the more roadblocks you'll face. Stay persistent until the end and your dreams shall come true.

Follow the steps to creating your future right now - decide on your goals, write them down in a specific, positive, present-tense manner, focus on them until they have become your dominant thoughts and when your subconscious gives you plans to achieve your goals, take persistent, committed action until your dreams come true.

If you follow these steps to the letter. Life will give you whatever you desire.

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