Monday, January 01, 2007

Get Ready to Change Your Life

Happy New Year. I hope you're having a good day, nursing your hangovers and enjoying the football games (if you are a fan).

I wanted to announce a special class I'm conducting titled - "Smashing Down Your Barriers in 2007." Since everyone makes resolutions and usually breaks them - I thought it would be good to address this particular challenge - the art of setting and accomplishing your goals.

If you make resolutions and never keep them, don't worry, it can be another way. I'm going to teach you how to change your mindset, make goals and achieve them. No hype, no bull, only what really works. This will be part of a 4-week e-class that will feature worksheets, audio, video and personal coaching from me. You will succeed because I'll be coaching and showing you the way.

And yes, my time is valuable as is yours, so I want all the tire kickers out there to know that it isn't going to be free, but its' worth every penny, I guarantee it. This is only for individuals who really want to make 2007 their best year yet. The people who really want to change and grow are the same people who will benefit from this class.

You may not of heard of me and that's okay. I don't like attention or publicity. Being famous or some type of guru is not my thing. I try to avoid the limelight.

All I have done is build a restaurant business from scratch and sold it for seven figures. Then I went into the Internet Marketing business were I gross over $10,000 a month and I've only been doing it for 8 months. I've recently written a book, "The Four Pillars of Success," which is about to be published (all those who sign up for the class will receive the ebook version) and I did all of this with only a high school education and hardly any money to start.

I'm not saying this to brag, just to let you know that I'm not just blowing hot air - I have used these principles, the Four Pillars of Success I call them, to take my life from living in my car to where I am now. You can do it too!

I'm only selecting 15-20 people for this because I want to give everyone who signs up my undivided attention and I can't do that if the class is too big.

Stay tuned for more details...This could change your life, if you really want to change it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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