Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get In The Game: Goal Planning

This article explains how to set personal goals. It starts with your lifetime goals, and then works through a series of lower level plans culminating in a daily to-do list.

By setting up this structure you can break even the biggest life goal down into a number of small tasks you need to do each day to reach your lifetime goals.

The first step in setting personal goals is to consider what you want to achieve in your lifetime, as setting lifetime goals that gives you the overall perspective that shapes all other aspects of your decision making process.

To help give you a broad, and balanced coverage of all important areas in your life, try to set goals in some or all of the following categories:

Artistic: Do you want to achieve any artistic goals? If so, what is it? Do you want to write a book; paint a masterpiece, or create a song?

Attitude: Does your own mindset hold you back from making progress? Is there any part of the way you behave that upsets you. For example, do you talk too much? If so, set a goal to improve your behavior or find a solution to the problem.

Career: What level do you want to reach in your career? Is it your goal to be the boss or own your own company someday, or do you want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?

Education: Is there any knowledge you want to acquire in particular or some area of study you would like to pursue? What information and skills will you need to achieve these goals?

Family: Do you want to be a parent? If so, how are you going to be a good parent? How do you want your partner or family members to see you?

Financial: How much do you want to earn by what age in your life? What can you do to make that come about?

Physical: Are there any athletic goals you want to achieve, or do you want good health deep into old age? What steps are you going to take to achieve this?

Pleasure: How do you want to enjoy yourself? You should ensure that some of your life is geared toward making yourself happy for no reason other than being happy.

Service: Do you want to make the world a better place by your existence? If so, how?
Once you have decided your goals in these categories, assign a priority on them if you want to succeed.

Review your goals and re-prioritize until you are satisfied that they reflect the shape of the life you want to lead.

Also, you should ensure the goals you have set are the goals you want to achieve, and not what your parents, spouse, family, or employers want them to be.

Success only happens when you are working for your own well being, with a determined focus and plan to make those dreams a reality.

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