Sunday, April 10, 2005

Quantum Physics

With the help of Albert Einstein and his theories, two scientists were about to set the scientific world on its ear with the discovery of Quantum Mechanics.

Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg piggybacked on principles set forth in various papers by Einstein to discover a branch of science that has given us space flight, laser technology and satellite television, among other things.

Quantum Physics is the science of the miniscule. Atoms, neutrons, protons, quarks are the invisible world that Quantum Mechanics tries to understand. What has happened is a complete change in the way we see our universe and everything in it.

The basic theory of Bohr and Heisenberg states that the universe is made up of energy (light) that vibrates at various frequencies. In essence, nothing is solid. Everyone and everything vibrates at certain speeds. Slower vibration appears to be a solid object, while the human eye can’t see the faster vibrations.

But that isn’t all, because the second part of the theory is in the domain of the metaphysical. What came to be known as ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation,’ states that energy (light) behaves as a wave until it is observed and then it becomes a particle. This wave/particle duality has massive implications for all of us.

If nothing exits until it is observed as most quantum scientists believe, then we can create our reality by our thoughts. Thoughts really are things, electromagnetic impulses to be exact. And since like attracts like, our thoughts blend with the quantum field. And if that thought is believed and held in the mind with tenacity of purpose, we create our reality through this quantum soup.

There is still much to learn about Quantum Mechanics, but one thing is sure. This discovery has yielded us amazing technology, like the PC you’re using to see this page. So if the theory holds up, and I believe whole-heartedly it does, your dominant thoughts coupled with focused action, create your existence.

There still must be action involved. That is a prerequisite of the Universe. You can’t get something for nothing. Cause and effect, for every action a reaction, this is the way the inner world works. So listen to the lessons that the quantum world teaches – make your goal your dominant thought – believe with all your heart and take immediate action to make it happen.
If you do this, success is pretty much guaranteed.

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