Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Creating Opportunities Overview

Out of all the letters and email I get, the majority are from individuals who have trouble finding or creating opportunities. It's an amazingly growing problem considering we live in an age of technology and information where practically anything is possible.

Besides fear and lack of a definite purpose - missing out on opportunities is one of the biggest reasons for failure in this country. And since it's such and important issue, Successful Living will be featuring a five-part series called Creating Opportunities in the 21st Century.

Over the next five posts, we'll be looking at five ways to find or create the opportunities that could make a big difference in your life. Provided that you apply what is taught.

We'll look at how to be a trend watcher and follow or go against the tide to create golden opportunities. We'll also analyze how competition (no matter what career field or business venture you've chosen) can help you spot opportunities to act on and succeed. Another part of the series will focus on coming up with killer ideas.

I hope you stay tuned and really pay attention and absorb what I'll be teaching here in the upcoming days ahead. This is powerful information that could propel your career or business into the stratosphere.

I could have easily turned this into a course or ebook and charged an arm and a leg for it. But I want this info to get into the hands of as many people as possible. It's that important. I know when I was starting out - coming up with rock-solid ideas and spotting opportunities was not something that I did very well. I wished someone would have given me these steps years ago.

It took years of research, study and practice to learn and apply these techniques and I want you to have them too. The first post will be appearing Wednesday. So stay tuned and be ready for some great information that could transform your life. I always say could, because knowledge is only power if you use it.

I will be releasing a new product that I want you to know about. It's called the Four Pillars of Success - The No B.S Way to an Awesome Life of Achievement.

I've spent over 26 years of my life in the study and pursuit of success. I'm obsessed with it. In studying leaders, businessmen, the great religions and anyone who has attained some level of success and achievement - my research has proven that there is only four principles that lead to true and lasting success. That's right - only four!

I've used them to transform myself from a guy who once lived in his car for six months to someone who has been a professional journalist, a restaurant owner and a successful Internet businessman. All without the benefit of a college degree.

I don't say this to brag and I rarely talk about my past. I just want you to know that the Pillars, I call them that because they're the foundation of achievement, will work no matter who you are. If you apply them.

The Four Pillars of Success will feature a multimedia screen cam presentation of a seminar I did recently, and a guidebook in PDF format. You'll be able to buy them right here on this blog. The seminar is very rare - I've only done two in my life. I don't like the spotlight. I want achievement, not fame.

Don't worry, it won't be expensive. I want to make it affordable for everyone. The information is that important. I like to make money, but it isn't my major motivation in life - helping people is.

They'll be out in a couple of weeks so if your interested, grab a copy. You'll be glad you did. Enough of the sales job. Stay tuned for the Creating Opportunities in the 21st Century series, beginning Wednesday.

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