Friday, June 29, 2007

Guest Article: Goal Setting Guidelines

(We continue our focus on goal setting with a guest article by former Olympic wrestler Ken Chertow)

Goal Setting Guidelines

1. Be Specific, setting technique and training goals, as well as performance goals.

2. Set a variety of goals, including a combination of short, medium and long range goals.

3. Make your goals personal. Personal goals are more meaningful because they are what you want for yourself, not what others expect of you.

4. Make your goals challenging yet realistic. Many of your short term goals should be easily achievable while others should be lofty. You accomplish in proportion to what you attempt.

5. Post your goals. Write your goals down and refer to them often. Post your most important goals in your bedroom, on the fridge and/or in your locker.

6. Do not fear failure. If you only set easily obtainable goals, you will never succeed.

7. Evaluate your goals. Refer to your goals regularly. Check them off as you achieve them and set new goals. You must constantly evaluate where you are and where you are heading.

8. Design a strategy for achieving your goals. Decide how much and what type of work
it will take to achieve your goals. Then design and follow a training schedule.

9. Make a commitment to your goals and work plan. Anyone can set a goal. Those who
achieve their goals have the discipline to stay focused.

10. Believe in yourself! If you do not believe in yourself...chances are that nobody else will.

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