Saturday, June 03, 2006

Creating Opportunities in the 21st Century - Part 2

(This is part two of a five-part series focusing on finding opportunities and creating ideas in this hectic, high tech modern age. The first four parts of this series focus on spotting opportunities and the last part concentrates on effective ways to come up with solid ideas.)

The Second Concept for Finding Opportunities

If you read part one of this series, you know the first concept or principle to unlocking opportunities in the modern age is inside you. Look at your own interests, hobbies, passions and education first. Mine the gold inside. Dig down and find the valuable nuggets that could lead you to undreamt of opportunity.

There are other ways to discover new ideas and opportunities and in this article we'll look at concept number two - spot changes in a trend or niche and make your opportunity out of them.

It takes some practice and a little work, but you can do it. Follow an industry, gather information and look for trends that can be used to your advantage. It doesn't matter what industry, field or social circle you practice trend spotting, as long as you look for ways to take advantage of it.

There are a plethora of examples that can be used as a blueprint for exploiting a niche. Take the broadcasting industry for example. The growth of digital technology spawned satellite TV and radio. These modern forms of communication came about through individuals seizing opportunity by observing changes (new technology) in a selected field (broadcasting).

Another is the growth of the Internet. CompuServe, Prodigy and AOL dominated the market. Trend spotters saw a way to make the internet experience more affordable and with less intrusion on privacy, so individual ISPs popped up all over the country, extending the influence and range of the Internet. The ISP providers got very rich and the World Wide Web grew and grew and grew. AOL is the only one from the old guard to adapt and prosper.

Since the only thing constant is change the ISPs were about to be confronted with new technology as well. A technology that would put most of the little guys out of business - broadband. It was cable TV and the phone companies who realized broadband is the future. They spotted the trend and exploited it. As such the local ISPs are dying a slow and steady death.

Every niche market, every industry and field has trends that can be exploited if one studies and finds a way to manipulate it. You can look at areas in daily life and in the current pop culture of the day that could lead to incredible opportunities for advancement, growth and wealth.

We live in a marketplace of ideas and the only way to develop our own and create opportunities for ourselves is by patient observation and study. Use all that this modern age can give you. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be an expert on most topics within a short period of time. Studying any subject, even if it's only for an hour a day, can make you an expert in that subject within months.

The Internet, books, television and all forms of mass communication are here for our benefit. It's up to us to use them wisely and productively. It's available to all of us. Knowledge doesn't exclude anyone. It's how you apply the knowledge that will determine your future.

Observe, study and learn to spot the trends in your field that will give you the edge. Learning to find opportunities in any trend or niche is a learning process. Pick a subject or industry that interests you - educate yourself on that particular subject - and finally, spot changes in that trend or industry that you can make an opportunity from. This is the second important concept for creating opportunities in the 21st century.

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