Monday, June 05, 2006

Creating Opportunities in the 21st Century - Part 3

(This is part three of a five-part series focusing on finding opportunities and creating ideas in this hectic, high tech modern age. The first four parts of this series focus on spotting opportunities and the last part concentrates on effective ways to come up with solid ideas.)

The Third Concept for Finding Opportunities

So far in this series we have shown two of the four concepts or techniques for spotting opportunities in this hectic world full of constant change. The first concept is to look at your own interests and education. The second is to spot changes in a niche and take advantage of it.

Now we come to the third concept for finding opportunities in the 21st century - look for and solve problems in a particular field or niche.

If you can spot a negative trend and come up with a solution to a pressing problem, the world will beat a path to your door. Every occupation, every endeavor, every industry needs problem solvers. If you can develop yourself into an efficient problem solver - your opportunities will be endless.

Internet marketers who sell information products are masters at this. Their product, sales letters and follow-up emails are all geared toward problem solving with the intent of gaining a customer. The same is true in the fitness industry where millions and millions of dollars are made everyday because someone has come up with a new and better way to make you look good and feel great.

Ideas that create opportunities must satisfy a want or fulfill a need. Read that sentence again and again. Because in it is the secret to success in any business endeavor. The best ideas come from a serving mentality. If you have a genuine desire to help others - success is practically guaranteed. This is a spiritual principle that cannot help but bring about plenty of success for all who practice it.

But you must act when opportunity appears. Nothing happens without action and opportunities are like ideas, they're fleeting. Seize them, act and be prosperous.

The history of business is filled with examples of companies who practiced the third concept and took action with their ideas and opportunities.

John D. Rockefeller saw an opportunity in the oil boom and acted on it. When oil was found in Pennsylvania, thousands flocked to Titusville with the hopes of striking the black gold and getting rich. Not John D. He carefully assessed the situation and realized that oil is useless until it's refined.

So he set up a refinery which soon became the largest in the country. From there he eventually bought out claims and wells and monopolized the whole process. From getting the oil out of the ground, to refining it, to distributing it to customers. He became the richest man in the world because of his keen observation and his ability to solve a problem within his niche.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen applied the same principle of solving a problem in an industry/field and acting on the opportunities that presented itself.

Gates and Allen realized early on before the personal computer explosion happened that software would be the key component in dominating the PC market. The majority, including mega giant IBM felt differently. Big Blue believed that hardware was more important and that's where many focused their attention.

Not Microsoft, they focused on software and soon became a juggernaut, making Gates the richest man in the world, with his company controlling 90 percent of the software market. All because of following and acting on this all-important third concept for finding opportunities - look for and solve problems in a particular niche or field.

If you satisfy a want or fulfill a need, if you serve others with a giving heart, you cannot help but have opportunity and success flow into your life.

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