Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6 Tips For a More Productive Day

Anxiousness and stress are all too common conditions in this modern world of ours. Trying to squeeze the demands of living in this fast-paced society into 24 hours and being productive to boot seems an impossibility.

Many long for simpler times when people and events moved at a much slower pace. Life was quiet and more relaxed. Well, unless you decide to buy your own deserted island or shut yourself off from the world - the simple life is out of the question. Mass communication has put an end to that.

Don't get discouraged. There are ways to take control of your day and make it more productive, joyful, fun and relatively stress free all at the same time. All it takes is the willingness to take control of your life and follow a few simple steps.

Most of these tips you'll know and probably have heard them before. That's because they work. All you have to do is be determined to apply them everyday until you have control over your own life.

6 Tips For a More Productive Day

1. Create and write out a plan each and every day - In order to get what you want, you have to know where you're going. Don't drift. Plan your day each and every day. It doesn't have to be elaborate. A to-do list on scrap paper is good for the task. This gives direction and purpose in your life. Don't forget to plan out your day.

2. Prioritize your day - Take your to-do list for the day and prioritize it. Your most important tasks of the day should be put at the top and done first before anything else. For more information on prioritizing, check out an earlier post.

3. Always focus on one task at a time - Lack of concentration is a major reason why many people have trouble getting things done. In order to have a more productive day, focus all your energies on one task at a time. Anthony Robbins once said, "controlled focus is like a laser beam. It can cut through anything." Put that type of concentration into your daily tasks and you'll accomplish more in one month than some people do in a year.

4. Live in the now - Don't dwell in the past or live in the future. That's unproductive. All we have and all we are is in the now. Learn to keep your thoughts in the now and all the beauty and wonder that this life has will unfold before your eyes.

5. Practice gratitude and giving - Giving of yourself and living with a persistent gratitude will work wonders in your life. Being truly thankful for what you have and what you are is the first step in vanquishing self-doubt, fear and lack. Giving and being grateful engulf your spirit with such joy that stress and anxiousness have no reason to stay in your life.

6. Make time for solitude - All of us need to get away from it all and have some alone time. It's a healthy and natural part of the living experience. How you use that solitude is key to being productive. Use your time for meditation, prayer or visualization. Even if think you can't be completely alone, there are ways to steal some time. Take a bath, lock yourself in your bedroom, do anything to have at least 15 minutes alone to recharge your batteries.

Stop hurrying through life anxious, stressed and unproductive. Learn to incorporate these six simple tips into your life and watch how much more productive, relaxed and in charge you really can be.

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Anonymous Mike said...

Great article! Very good tips and advice. I wrote an article all about the power of now and what you say it right on. Organizing each day is crucial to accomplishing goals. It gives us focus. Keep up the great work!

10:18 PM  
Blogger bhuvana said...

Yah really Great article..... Thanks for your tips and advice.

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