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Creating Opportunities in the 21st Century - Part 5

(This is part five of a five-part series focusing on finding opportunities and creating ideas in this hectic, high tech modern age. The first four parts of this series focus on spotting opportunities and the last concentrates on effective ways to come up with solid ideas.)

Introduction to Ideas

We've now come to the last and most important part of the process in creating opportunities in the 21st century - the act of creating powerful ideas. Ideas are the foundation of the world. It's how we've risen from the cave to the computer age.

Having the tools needed to become an idea-generating machine is of paramount importance in the Information Age. The man or woman who can come up with advancing ideas has no problem dictating the terms of their success to the world at large. Whatever the price, it will pay.

We all have ideas. The difference is in how you deal with them, Winners take action on their ideas. If they're not good, toss them out and move on to the next idea. Others fail because they give up, procrastinate or lack confidence in their ideas. Action is key. Don't set around and wait for ideas to come, be a doer and follow the following six steps.

The 6 Steps to Creating Powerful Ideas

1. Believe that you're an idea generator - We all know by now the power of the mind. Success in anything relies upon belief. Creativity is a learned process. You have to believe that you're creative and the ideas will come. It takes work to develop this ability, but it can be done. Let it sink into your subconscious and most of all relax. Ideas come when you least expect them to.

2. Creativity and idea generation must be practiced - The only way to become proficient and develop skill in any endeavor is to practice until it becomes second nature. Ideas and creativity are no different. Have lots of ideas, experiment with them and if some are bad, move on to the next and the next. Try new things and react quickly. To become an idea machine - practice, practice, practice!

3. Have a system to record your ideas - Ideas are slippery things, if you don't write them down right away, they have a tendency to disappear rather quickly. Always keep a notebook, index cards or a voice recorder handy to record those sudden flashes of inspiration that always pop up in unexpected places and times. Don't forget to analyze your ideas after you record them. If it's just a to-do list type of item, drop it from your idea journal.

4. Sit for Ideas - This is a principle taken directly from Think and Grow Rich. Scientist and inventor Elmer Gates told Napoleon Hill how he came up with many of his ideas and creations. He stated that he would go into a small room with just a table, chair and sometimes turn out the lights and sit for hours waiting for flashes of inspiration to come. When it did, he'd quickly turn on the lights and write down his ideas. Follow his example, go to place where you feel most comfortable and can be alone (you don't have to turn out any lights) and wait for ideas. It can be anywhere. Einstein's place for ideas was his shower.

5. Be around other idea people - These can be your friends, family or co-workers. To be creative, hang around creative people. Form your own master mind group and meet weekly to brainstorm or discuss each others ideas. Creativity thinking begets more creativity thinking.

6. Look for ideas outside your industry, business, field or interest - Always look for ideas and creative thinking outside your area of interest. Borrow ideas from others and remake them as your own - do it better, improve upon it and apply it to your field.

Remember that ideas that can save time and money, solve problems and make money will always be needed. Focus on them and get your just rewards.

Get your specialized education if needed to implement your ideas. If you become discouraged don't forget - most ideas are a combination of borrowing with some originality thrown in for good measure. They're borrowed ideas rearranged. Very few are truly 100 percent original. Arm yourself with this information and use it, act on it and achieve. Do it now!

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