Friday, June 16, 2006

Time Management on the Fly

In this current fast-paced environment in which we live, getting things done is harder and harder to accomplish. We all have 24 hours in a day, but with the pressures of work and raising a family, sometimes you wish the day had a couple extra hours in it.

There will always be more things to do than there is time to do them. That's where prioritizing and time management skills come into play. Without these skills, we just move from one thing to another at random, without direction or purpose. That leads to important tasks that may not get done or only done haphazardly. No matter how you spell it that leads to inefficiency.

Contrary to what some may have heard, having a to-do list is a great idea. The problem arises when your to-do list is not prioritized correctly. Don't be afraid by the concept of time management. It's simple really, you must separate the important from the superfluous.

You don't need super expensive, ultra complicated organizers with your exact day planned down to the last minute. Just learn to prioritize an uncomplicated to-do list and you'll be in great shape.

How do we go about this prioritization and how can it be done as fast as possible? I'm about to show you. I call it time management on the fly and these are the four steps to prioritize your to-do list. Before we begin, try to create and prioritize your to-do list the night before. That way you can start in right away the next day.

Time Management on the Fly

Here are the four steps to create and at the same time put an order of importance to your to-do list.

1. Set aside time for your family and life outside of work - Being successful isn't just about making money and career advancement. Everyone needs balance. Take some time and spend it with your family and friends. Anything that gives you joy away from work, put it in your to-do list. Also included in this is personal development like visualization, meditation and worship.

2. Separate the essential from the important - Everything on your list is important to you, but some are essential. Put the essential items ahead on your list. If your growing a business, starting a business or have an important report that needs done for work - these types of things should be set apart from the others on your list that are not-so important.

3. Put time-sensitive items at the top of your to-do list - These would be items with specific deadlines. You may have items on your list that are more important, but these items with immediate definite deadlines must be given top priority.

4. Make it as simple as possible - Don't get all frustrated about the process. Set down in the evening with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and create your to-do list for tomorrow. Make it pleasurable and soon it will become a habit.

Creating and prioritizing a to-do list is critical in time management. If you manage your time more efficiently, life gets a whole lot less complicated and easier to handle. This is a fundamental, but often overlooked asset to personal success.

Just remember to apply the four principles of time management on the fly and before you know it, you'll be a time management success story.

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