Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Six Steps to Unleashing Your Creativity

Creativity, that magical unseen force the wells up from the subconscious and gives us great literature, fine works of art, splendid architecture and all kinds of innovative technology. Creativity has been interwoven into the fabric of humanity. Without it, progress would come to a grinding halt.

Unfortunately, many see creativity as this elusive force outside the scope of normal human beings and reserved only for the geniuses like Leonardo, Einstein and Edison. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone of us has this creative faculty buried deep within. It's up to each individual to unlock the doors to his or her subconscious and let it flow. We are born to be creative. It's in our nature to find solutions to problems and create new opportunities for ourselves and others.

One of the important keys to unlocking your creativity is belief. You must start out convinced that you're a creative person. The mind is everything. Cultivate the feeling of creativity, believe in it and become what you believe.

There are six steps that will unleash your creativity and in turn will give you tons of useful ideas if you to act on them. No one will do it for you. The six steps are not difficult, but you must apply them. Remember, only applied knowledge leads to true power. Here are the six steps to follow that will open the floodgates of creativity in your life.

The Six Steps to Unleashing Your Creativity

1. Go somewhere where you can relax and have fun - If your stressing out over a problem or in deadlock trying to come up with ideas, take a step back, relax and get away from it all. You can't force yourself to be creative. Get some distance between you and the situation.

2. Let your subconscious work it's magic - Let go. Get caught up in something else. Become totally lost in anything except what your working on. Your subconscious faculty is a miracle worker and you need to get out of its way. It will give you ideas and solutions to problems when you least expect it, but only when you give it room to operate.

3. Read or listen to music -Nothing, except maybe the sex drive, has as much influence on the subconscious mind as music. Have you ever listened to an old song and it took you back to a specific memory like it was yesterday? Of course you have. Music is very powerful and helps to stimulate creativity. Reading books, magazines, newsletters, anything you can get your hands on will pay big dividends for you. The subconscious takes what you've read and can use it to help with creativity.

4. Eliminate fear and doubt - If your always anxious or under stress then you are in the grip of doubt and the grand master that causes all these negative emotions is fear. If you are in a constant state of fear and stress, the creativity inside you won't and can't be expressed. I'm not saying that you have to be super positive and jump around in the air tossing rose petals around, but it's hard to be creative in the grip of fear and doubt. Eliminate them.

5. Exercise - A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Unhealthy habits sap strength and energy. All things in life use and need energy and nothing can create more energy for you than exercise. Any form of exercise is good, but weightlifting in particular has amazing benefits. It builds muscle, strength and bone density. Weight training is the best fat burner on the planet and helps improve insulin response. The benefits far outweigh any supposed risks, so get on a good program right now. If you're interested, there's a website that has many different types of routines to follow. Go to Workout Routines if you're interested.

6. Write down or record your ideas - The subconscious works by giving you flashes of inspiration that can come at the most awkward times. In the shower, on the toilet and my particular favorite - in your car. This intuition, hunches and inspiration come quickly and leave just as fast. In order to be more creative and benefit from these ideas, you must write them down or record them on a digital tape recorder. I can't tell you how many times I've had these messages from my subconscious and never wrote them down. Sadly, those ideas are lost forever. Write or record your ideas before they slip away for good.

These are the six steps to unleashing your creativity, but they're useless if you don't apply them. Nothing changes in your life unless and until you take action. Follow the six steps, use them and when the creative ideas come - act on them.

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